Midz Beeswax food wraps




Sustainable and easy to use, our wax wrap rolls are a great alternative to single use clingfilm and tin foil.

Printed on organic cotton cloth, beeswax is a natural antibacterial perfect for sandwich wraps and so much more.

Using the natural power of beeswax which is waterproof it won’t let any moisture into the food it’s covering keeping food fresh and protected.

A mix of beeswax and pine resin to make the wraps tacky so they stick really well and hold their folds. Jojobo oil is smooth oil we add as we find it helps with the spreading of the beeswax and pine resin.

Washing your wax wraps

Do not wash with boiling hot water, use luke warm water, wiping down with a cloth  or sponge. Avoid heat.

Do not use the wrap for meat or fish.

Care instructions

Every few months you can revamp your wraps, all you need is an ironing board, a tea towel, grease proof paper and an iron.

Lay your tea towel on the ironing board and place a piece of grease proof paper down (needs to be 2 inches bigger than your wrap) take your wax wrap and lay it on top of the grease proof paper. Take another piece of grease proof paper and lay it over the top. Make sure your iron isn’t too hot. Glide the iron over the top of the grease proof paper making sure you get all the edges. You will see the wax melting. Remove the wax wrap and waft gently until the wax hardens. 

The wax wrap roll can be cut to size. The roll measures 100cm*33cm.