Inspire Wellness

About Us

Here at Inspire Wellness we believe that reducing our Plastic Consumption is key to saving our planet!

Did you know approximately 8 million pieces of Plastic Pollution find their way into our Oceans everyday. EVERYDAY! Not only is it washed up on beaches across the world; it also contributes to the deaths of over 100,000 sea mammals and 1 million sea birds!!

We don’t think this is acceptable and aren’t willing to be a part of the problem any longer; Instead our store is devoted to providing healthy whole foods, free from harsh chemicals, personal & home products all without the unnecessary packaging. LOCAL, ORGANIC, NATURAL, & PLASTIC FREE.

Whether your journey to lead a Sustainable, Eco Friendly Lifestyle is just starting or you know exactly what you need, Inspire Wellness Team are here to help!

Geraldine, Tanya & Christina

We are sisters with a vision!

So we came up with a vision to Inspire Wellness.

Our Logo represents a leaf from our family tree supporting the Earth and the natural colours of the planet.

Our Mission

To Inspire Wellness and equip you with the knowledge and products to promote your Healthy, Eco Friendly & Sustainable Lifestyle.

Our Essence

Natural, Local, Sustainable, Ethical, Organic and Wholefood are the keywords that stay at the core of our business.

Our Team

We are sisters who are passionate about everything we do, going above and beyond for our customers.