Aureal Lemongrass & Bergamot- Soy Melt




Candle Melts are an amazing alternative to scented candles, in addition to this, they are safer to use. Firstly, they are fast melting, pop one into your wax warmer, grab a cuppa and upon your return, your room has filled with fragrance. In addition, they’re so easy to use compared to candles because they require no wick trimming. As a result, they are essentially a wick-less candle. Some wax warmers are operated by a tealight candle, however electric warmers are available which do a similar job.

Each Wax Melt Wax Deli Pot has 6 segments and is approx 48g in weight.  
All come infused and topped with real botanicals to add that extra boost and warmth.

Each segment should give you at least 2hours of good strong fragrance, after this it becomes a more milder scent. Once depleted, wait until the wax is cooled and it should be easily removable from your burner. As this is soy wax you can dispose of it in the same way as your organic waste.